Board of directors

The Board of Directors is elected for a 2 year term, which can be consecutive, and is currently led by our Chairman and Co-founder, Sérgio Pontremolez. Its purpose is to discuss the company’s political and strategic decisions, as well as to guide and evaluate the performance of goals in order to create the means to achieve them, always in accordance with General Water’s Bylaws.

Executive Management

Fernando de Barros Pereira


Civil Engineer (Mackenzie Presbyterian University), he has worked in the sanitation market since 2007. He has a certificate in Strategic Decisions and Risk Management from Stanford University (SDRM) and a specialization in business from Columbia Business School (CIBE).

Matheus Mazzi

Production Engineer (Federal University of São Carlos – UFSCar). He has worked for private equity managers such as Lightrock, Southern Cross Group and GP Investments, as well as Centauro (company invested by GP).

Nataska Schincariol Pontremolez
Engineering Director

Environmental Engineer (USP) with a Master’s Degree in Hydraulic and Sanitation Engineering (USP) and Business Management and Leadership courses (FGV). She has taken part in fairs, courses and workshops on water and wastewater treatment in the USA.

Thiago Forteza de Oliveira

Operations Director

Water Engineer (Federal University of Itajubá) with a Master’s Degree in Hydraulic and Sanitary Engineering (POLI-USP) and an MBA in Strategic Business Management (FGV). He has worked in the sanitation sector since 2004.

Corporate Bylaws

General Water’s bylaws is the document that establishes the rules and regulations for its operation. It contains the rights and duties of the company’s shareholders.


The Compliance Policy is the basis for the development of internal processes and control measures so that the organization always remains ethical and adheres to legal standards.

Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics is the set of rules and principles that govern the ethical behavior of professionals in various areas at General Water.