Water supply

General Water makes all necessary investments to implement water supply systems to meet the quality parameters required by the client who only pays for the water produced by the system. Among General Water’s responsibilities are:

  • Hydrogeological studies;
  • Construction of high-performance deep tubular wells (depths between 200 and 600 meters);
  • Construction and operation of water treatment plants adapted to specific use conditions;
  • Legalization of systems before the competent public agencies;
  • Water analysis in compliance with legislation.

Sewage Treatment

General Water develops the project, implements and operates sewage treatment plants discharge treated wastewater into water bodies or the utility´s collection system in compliance with the current legislation. The customer is only responsible for paying for the volume of treated effluent and fitted for discharge.

Water Reuse

General Water produces high quality reused water, suitable for a wide range of non-drinking purposes, such as: use in cooling systems, toilets, irrigation, industrial processes, floor washing and others. In addition to reducing the consumption of drinking water, reuse water is also an essential strategy to reduce the release of effluents into water bodies. General Water implements and operates effluent treatment systems to generate reuse water with its own resources, using the most modern technologies available in the world for sewage treatment. The customer only pays for the volume of reused water consumed monthly.



General Water supplies water of the quality required by the customer according to its destination, whether for reuse, industrial use, human consumption or demineralized water for industrial processes. For drinking water GW prioritizes underground sources, which are naturally more stable and protected, adapting them to current potability standards. Reuse systems, on the other hand, produce water that meets the most restrictive quality parameters, according to the proposed uses.

GW provides its customers significant financial reductions in their water and sewage costs. All this, without any investment on the part of clients, who only pay for the volume of drinking water produced or treated sewage.

Our customers have their own water utility, with up-to-date technology and technical team available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, providing personalized service, security and long-term supply.


GW’s systems contribute to water conservation, which in many places is already in a state of scarcity. Companies that adopt these sustainable practices receive green certifications, improved sustainability indicators and awards.

Zero risk
The customer has no investment or operational risk. General Water assumes, in addition to the costs, all the risks of operation, licensing, design, implementation, operation, maintenance and the quality of the water supplied and/or sewage treated.